Online exhibitions from the Wiener Holocaust Library

Holocaust Letters

This exhibition examines Holocaust-era correspondence for evidence of how Jewish persecutees understood what was happening to them as events of the Holocaust unfolded. Through letters held in the Library’s archive and in private collections, the exhibition uncovers how people exchanged information across borders, in defiance of censors and in the midst of chaos, deportations and destruction. How did survivors and relatives preserve or come to safeguard letters from the wartime period, and how did these seemingly ordinary objects transform into precious and extraordinary symbols of what was lost?

Fighting Antisemitism from Dreyfus to Today

The arrest, trial and imprisonment of Jewish French Army officer Alfred Dreyfus on false charges of espionage became a sensation in the 1890s in France and across Europe, galvanising both antisemites and their opponents.
This exhibition draws upon the archives of The Wiener Holocaust Library to explore some of the individuals, organisations and campaigns that have fought back against antisemitism in France, Britain and Germany since this critical moment.

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